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Your Inner Strength

The vastness of a night sky reflects the vastness of possibilities.

Ask yourself...

Do you want to be free when interacting with people without feeling challenged, hesitant or pretentious?
Do you want to be able to see clearly when working with a situation, whether new or recurring?
Do you want to feel easy about where you are going with your life?
Do you want to live simply and contentedly?

The limitless of resourcefulness that lies within you mirrors the limitlessness of possibilities.

Regardless of one's way of living in this fast-paced world filled with needless distractions, tools for change lie within every one of us. Through coaching with Diana, you may uncover your purpose and tools to shine and make headway.

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About Diana Cho

Diana is a life coach and catalyst. She acquired her psychology-based life coaching certification training in neuro-linguistic programming and has a Master's degree in professional studies with concentration in Deaf Education and School Psychology. Diana's professional experiences include various roles in higher education at the Rochester Institute of Technology and technical assistance work at the Vera Institute of Justice.

Diana has worked with various types of people, who are Deaf and hearing. They include individuals and groups, aged ranging between 15-85, women's groups, men's groups, ethnic groups, survivors of abuse, trained interpreters, organization leaders, and more. Her work capacities include management and leadership, supervision and advising of staff and students, resolution facilitation, wilderness program internships, and volunteer community service activities in the United States and Canada. She provides personalized American Sign Language tutoring tailored to individuals' needs.

Diana sees goodness and potential in people, and is inspired to work with them to use their resources to go past their own perceived limits and challenges, and to attain what they want to be, have, and do with their lives.

Diana Cho is not a therapist and is not qualified to diagnose or treat mental health conditions.

Diana's Coaching

Every person has to deal with different situations in their own way with their respective experiences. To bridge the gap between where you are and where you would like to be in the future, you may start by being open and honest with your life coach. Diana will accompany you to address your situations and challenges in different ways. For example, Diana brings up questions to gain a better understanding about your issues, helps you to view your personal matters and aims through a broader lens in order to realize your vision for a more meaningful and better quality of life, re-frame your mindsets to get yourself free, and harness your resources to realize your goals. At the same time, Diana encourages you to optimize your inner strength, which allows you to progress and reach your objectives in life. Diana's coaching is action-focused. She encourages you to be the enriching agent of positive changes through your path of success.

Service Spheres

Diana's coaching is focused on personal development and interpersonal relationships. Interpersonal relationships include romantic, employee-to-manager, student or customer-to-staff, and peer-to-peer connections at work and home, as well as in social circles. Diana also welcomes any request to work together in other fields according to individual interest. Examples include staying motivated to find and work with a job and prioritizing goals.


Diana communicates in American Sign Language and written English. She is ready to work with Deaf and hearing people, regardless of gender, occupation, disability, ethnicity, religion or age (above 21 years old).

 Coaching Sessions

The more frequent the coaching sessions, the better your progress. A commitment for 12 sessions of 50-minute each is highly recommended but not required. Unlimited email support is available for a limited period of time. Group coaching sessions are available by request.


Please contact Diana at for pricing information.

Are you ready to move forward in your life? Diana invites you to ask yourself the following:
If not today, then when? When is the time for progression is a choice that is yours to make.

What People Say...

Jess T. Texas

"Diana helped me lay out the things I was interested in working on and provided me with efficient tools to tackle certain obstacles. I appreciated having her a sounding board as we worked together on setting goals and devising plans to accomplish them. I'd definitely recommend her. I'm usually a very private person but it was easy to open up and dive into the work with Diana. She made me feel comfortable, safe, and heard."

"Diana has been a tremendous help for me personally and I highly recommend her for anyone out there who needs a little push and support in their lives. Her approach is very gentle, peaceful, and heartfelt. She's a beautiful human being with great gifts!"


"I felt so comfortable with Diana that I was able to share myself with her. I did not sense judgment on her part. She helped me to reframe my thinking process and practice it with the tools she shared with me. I would recommend her. She is a native user of American Sign Language. It is a rare gem in the Deaf world."

Patrick G. New York

Ana S. Hawaii

Are you ready to begin with coaching?

You are offered a free 15-minute consultation with Diana to discuss coaching.

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Thank you.

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