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American Sign Language
Tutoring & Ccoaching Services

Diana Cho is here to help! As an experienced ASL teacher, tutor, and coach, Diana provides the following types of services to people from all walks of life. Whether you are an interpreter, teacher, manager, co-worker, family member, or friend, Diana will help you improve your strengths as well as explore areas for improvement.

  Service #1: ASL Tutoring Support for ASL Students

Learn basic American Sign Language skills, take your current ASL skills to the next level, or have an open dialogue with Diana about working with Deaf people and how to be a better support to them. Whether you are looking to ace your ASL classes or prepare for a test, Diana will help you develop and refine your skills. Improving your ASL skills during one or more 50-minute sessions will enable you to become better integrated into the Deaf community.

 Service #2: Conversation Practice & Comprehension Follow-Up

Engage in ASL open dialogues at your own pace. Serving as a language model, Diana will support new and advanced ASL interpreters by helping you to refine your ASL receptive and expressive skills as an interpreter, particularly your usage of non-manual marking and pauses, which provide important grammatical context to your signs. Diana will share her observations regarding your ASL comprehension, emphasizing your signing strengths and where you have room for improvement.

Service #3: ASL Diagnostic Feedback for Interpreters

Diagnostic feedback provides explicit insights into your English-to-ASL interpretation. During your tutoring session, you will perform a cold interpretation of a video featuring spoken English. Then, Diana will provide feedback on your signing work. Alternatively, you may bring a 5-to-15-minute videotaped sample of your interpreting work for my detailed feedback and analysis.

Pricing & Booking

Schedule your first 50-minute session through the interactive calendar below.

Please contact Diana at for pricing information.


T.C., Toronto

Senior Scientist in one of the Academic Health Sciences Centre Network Hospitals & Professor

"I have been taking ASL classes for about 18 months. Most of the courses have used the Naturally Signing curriculum although I have also taken a couple of specialty classes. Three courses into my ASL journey, I decided to find a tutor as there were increasingly more vocabulary and concepts that I was not fully grasping in class; the quantum of material and speed of teaching seemed to accelerate. I was fortunate enough to find Diana's tutoring service. I have never looked back! Diana is an extraordinary ASL teacher. I have particularly appreciated her mentorship regarding different ways to express concepts according to ASL structure, her gentle correction of my signs, her amazing tips on pacing, pauses and non-manual markers, and her critical feedback on my feeble storytelling attempts. I feel that my signing is clearer, my receptive abilities sharper, and my confidence in signing strengthened under Diana's tutelage. My ASL course grades improved measurably with Diana's coaching. I unequivocally recommend Diana as an ASL teacher/tutor."

L.M., Toronto

a lifelong learner

"I enlisted Diana's help to assist me in my ASL "Signing Naturally Level 3 Vista" online classes. Her teaching skills are excellent. Diana is very attentive to detail which has vastly helped me improve my signing abilities. Specifically, I found her most helpful in assisting me with ASL sentence structure; she gave me the much-needed constructive criticism of my storytelling for class video assignments. In turn, my learning curve improved much quicker and was reflected in my grades. Her tutoring services are always done with kindness, lots of encouragement, patience and are inspiring. I highly recommend Diana to anyone looking for ASL support."

S.M., Vancouver

Executive Assistant, Electric Company

"Diana is an amazing ASL teacher! Diana has been teaching me for the past several months and it's been so much fun for me. She has a very gentle and effective approach which has made learning for me enjoyable and something I actually look forward to!! I came with zero knowledge of ASL and now cannot believe that I can sign and understand a little. Diana continues to teach me and I recommend her, without hesitation, to anyone considering ASL lessons!"

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